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morgan Kush
morgan Kush

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Brenda Drew
Brenda Drew

Man is a fool, an idiot!! This wouldn't be happening if we had already gone completely SOLAR!! Nicolai Tesla said around a hundred years ago that we should go completely wireless and SOLAR~ no one listened to him back then and we're still not listening to him! The pipeline also runs through Tornado Alley and isn't that far from the New Madrid faultline, could be in the possible radius of an epicenter were an earthquake ever to occur there!! Just brilliant...NOT!!! This is like Japan putting in nuclear reactors in a country prone to earthquakes and tsunamis and you saw what happened there!!  They weren't smart over there, and it looks like we're no smarter than they were!! Anything can happen, anything is possible! This pipeline has been put in in an area that is prone to tornadoes, they get them all the time, every year!! All we need is one tornado to come along and rip another section of this pipeline open thus causing another lethal toxic spill of tar sands crude!! This will seep into ground water and is in the air and is a major potential health risk for both humans and animals! I'm sick of the spokespeople of ExxonMobile just paying lip service to this disaster telling everyone everything is okay, not to worry etc!! This is bull****! "MONEY TALKS AND BULL**** WALKS" and we should know that anything regarding the American people and our country, literally this great land of ours is bull****to these selfish, greedy, corrupt and evil CEO's at ExxonMobile and other companies like BP and our politicians that also have their selfish greedy hands out!! WAKE UP AMERICA WE NEED TO GO SOLAR!!! DEMAND IT!!! Or we will pay a very high price for it in the end if we continue to use antiquated methods of energy like fossil fuels!!

jen rich
jen rich 1 Like

I hear they're hiring people off craigslist for the clean up crew.  Real professional.

Oil companies can't be trusted and neither can the EPA.  Say no to the keystone pipeline!!!

Carol Music
Carol Music

Resident Warren Andrews told local media that . . . "It's just a sad accident. I didn't even know the oil pipeline was there," he said. This is 'just a sad mess'??? Somehow, I think it is more like major pollution of underground water as well as that on top and a very real disaster. Everything I read indicates that those responsible for this massive spill just plain didn't care about taking care of the equipment they used to transport this vile tar/oil. No one can yet know the long-term ramifications of this 'accident'. And to top THAT off, it appears that most residents in the area didn't even know the pipeline was there! Can you say 'something smells fishy here'??? One thinks of oil spills as being near the coastlines, except in Alaska where the massive tundra is at risk, but in Arkansas, the middle of our country? OMG! 

 And speaking of Alaska, I believe THEY are the model of how land, animals and oil can work together in a safe way. As I understand it, the pipeline there is flown over daily at low altitudes to check for any leaks or other problems. Seems to be working well - so far, except, of course, when it reaches the end of its long trip in Valdez. Loading it onto ships with drunken captains can and did cause a major, terrible 'accident', but that has been taken care of by more restrictions on who 'drives' these ships. However, there is still oil just under the sand and rocks in and around Valdez - it will never be completely cleaned up.

Michael Rice
Michael Rice 1 Like

I live in Conway 8 miles from the spill and now am hearing from the workers that the spill is soon going to contaminate the water and of course our water treatment is not retrofitted to take care of this problem.....  Hello government this is the time to send out your workers and call a disaster to an area and give a lil help.  According to the men working on the problem, they are going to ship water in to take care of the issue, hmmm water bill going up????  I manage a restaurant here can you imagine having to cook with bottled water?  And serving bottled water to every table? 

Dan Hunt
Dan Hunt 1 Like

Gotta love the "Sponsored by Shell" ad on the page for this huge spill!!! LOL!

Paul Scheckel
Paul Scheckel 1 Like

Take it personally, take ACTION!

The Homeowner's Energy Handbook, now available to show you how to get off the grid, and off the pipeline!

Fannie Bates
Fannie Bates 1 Like

Exxon should be prosecuted for putting corrosive tar sands slurry in a line that was sixty years old.  They knew they were endangering the lives and health of thousands of people and animals.  I think it is criminal negligence.

jim adams
jim adams

This photo was taken from inside one of the keystone pipeline segments near Winona, Texas. The day after these photos were made, the pipelines were buried in someones yard (which was taken by the state by eminent domain for TransCanada.)

These are welds which are supposed to be x-rayed and have photos made as proof of quality of the welds. They have documented evidence of falsifying the data and recordings. They do the same process for I-beams for nuclear power plants, and i know of faked data there too (this, from the early 1980s). Just saying, corporations are as crooked as ever, cutting cost corners for those silly safety regulations.

There are a little over 2,100 miles of pipeline. The pipeline comes (i think) in 25 foot segments, 1 meter in diameter, with welds on the inside and outside of the pipe. There are approximately 443,000 double welded sections of pipe.

What bothers me the most is that the corporations and states thru which the pipeline runs are taking almost zero responsibility for problems, leaks, spills, explosions, health problems... Like this:

And the photos of the ExxonMobil Pegasus pipeline are harbingers of the future of Keystone

Johnny Metall
Johnny Metall

These pics are tame compared to some I have seen. Travesty.

Charles Bean
Charles Bean 4 Like

Can you imagine living over a oil pipe line for 60 years and discovering it was there after it burst?  Your first thought would be, "I am sitting on a gold mine, black gold that is.  I am going to be rich!  Let's move to Beverly hills packing up our belongin's with Granny,Jethro, Ellie May, and our hound, Duke!"   Yahoo!

Then to be told it was already there by Exxon Oil Company and it could not be touched by you or your neighbors.  Lawsuit is a comin' unless Congress passed a loop-hole that protected Oil Companies from lawsuits - Watch, Congress will soon pass a bill/law real quick to get the liability for this spill to be paid for by the people and little from the company owning the pipeline.   And they want to lay the Keystone pipeline - HAHA!

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