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  • A photo of children diving into Gourock outdoor swimming pool beside the Clyde estuary, near Glasgow, Scotland.

    Scotland: Behind the Clichés

    A journalist sets off on a quest for a better understanding of his native land.

  • A portrait of Morten Storm, a Danish ex-Jihadi and double agent for the CIA and Danish and British secret services

    Jihadist Changes to Fight Radicals

    Morten Storm claims he enabled the U.S. to kill al Qaeda in Yemen's leader, Anwar al Awlaki.

  • A photo of the cover of the book, "City of Lies" by Ramita Navai

    Inside Hidden Iran

    Iranians have an inside, private life and an outside, public life-and nearly everybody lives by these rules.

  • A photo of the gravestone of William Penn, English Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania.

    Tales From "Death Travelers"

    "Death travelers" are bringing back stories of life beyond death.

  • A photo of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the movie "The Pirates of the Caribbean"

    Big Ideas Were Born at Sea

    Unsung heroes of the seas—how pirates, slaves, and motley crews shaped the modern world.

  • An illustration of the British burning the U.S. Capitol in 1814.

    Revisiting the White House’s Burning

    Two hundred years ago today British troops seized control of Washington, D.C., and set the White House on fire.

  • A photo of a whooping crane in Texas.

    Why Extinction Matters

    We seem indifferent to the mass extinction we're causing, yet we lose a part of ourselves when another animal dies out.

  • A photo of the cover of "The Language of Houses" by Alison Lurie.

    The Language of Houses

    Your house can tell others whether you're happy or well organized or friendly—even what your politics are.

  • A photo of the rhinoceros,  Andatu, looking at the book "One Special Rhino: The Story of Andatu" by Katherine Egan.

    A Special Rhino Called Andatu

    A PTA mom/journalist tells how an Indonesian rhino became the hero of a book by elementary schoolchildren in Brooklyn, New York.

  • A photo of the cover of James Nestor's book, "Deep"

    Humans Are Born to Dive

    James Nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us.

  • A photo of the Stones of Stenness on Scotland's remote Orkney Islands.

    History With a Twist

    Diana Gabaldon explains the Outlander theory of the existence of standing stones, describes the Scottish clan system, and shares a secret about a hoped for new book project.

  • A photo of the cover of "Mars Up Close" by Marc Kaufman.

    Are We Headed for Mars?

    Mars was habitable billions of years ago—so did the red planet seed life on Earth?

  • A photo of the book cover of "How Forests Think" by Eduardo Kohn.

    Do Forests Think?

    Living with the Runa in Ecuador's rain forest is also about living with all the other kinds of beings the Runa live with.

  • The Grand Monsieur, Aubert de Villaine, walks the vines of Romanee-Saint-Vivant.

    Blackmail in Burgundy

    Telling the story of the poisoned vines, an American crime writer finds redemption in a French village.

  • A photo of the cover of "The Long Shadow: The Legacy of the Great War in the Twentieth Century".

    Legacy of the Great War

    Bloodshed in the Middle East today can be traced back to the war that began a hundred years ago tomorrow.

  • A photo of the cover of the book "Denali's Howl" by Andy Hall.

    Deconstructing a Tragic Climb

    A 1967 expedition to the top of Denali (Mount McKinley), America's highest peak, turned tragic when seven members of a 12-man team lost their lives in a storm.

  • A photo of the cover of "American Catch" by Paul Greenberg

    Explaining America's Seafood Crisis

    Author Paul Greenberg addresses the unraveling of the American seafood economy and what can be done about it.

  • A photo of the cover of the book, "Age of Ambition" by Evan Osnos.

    Of Wild Hearts and Weasels

    Author Evan Osnos writes about a decade of change in China, which he says has built the equivalent of Rome every two weeks.

  • A photo of the cover of the book, "War of the Whales" by Joshua Horwitz.

    A Whale of a Mystery

    What caused whales that had lived off the Bahamas for 30 million years to become fatally stranded on beaches?

  • A photo of the cover of Sheila Hamanaka's book, "A Dangerous Life".

    Saving Elephants

    Sheila Hamanaka's new graphic novel for young readers describes an American teenage girl's life-changing encounter with elephants.

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