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A picture of a blenny fish in a coral reef in the Red Sea

A reef fish in the Red Sea.

Photograph by Dmitry Marchenko, Your Shot

Jane J. Lee

National Geographic News

Published March 8, 2013

Introducing a new way of looking at the pictures we love. As our photo editors come across outstanding images, we'll post them on our news site right away, rather than wait until the end of the month.

A small fish in the Red Sea (map) poses for the camera in this picture submitted to National Geographic's Your Shot community on March 3. Photographer Dmitry Marchenko captured what looks like a mischievous smile on this small denizen of a coral reef off the coast of Egypt.

Why We Love It

"This frame looks almost like the product of childhood imagination. It's a nice reminder of how wonderful nature is."—Ben Fitch, associate photo editor

"It seems clear that the photographer paid close attention to color and focus."—Chris Combs, news photo editor



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