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Lynda Riggins Caudell
Lynda Riggins Caudell

We are in for a big change in the next 2 year's on earth & outer space. It has already started, take your time & just listen & open your eye's to changes temp. & the way of the animal life is changing around you. There are changes all around you that will show you these changes.

Dwayne LaGrou
Dwayne LaGrou

I was just wondering if anyone has ever calculated what Mars would look like if it had a similar percentage of the surface covered with water? It would be very interesting to see what it would look like, And it could also give us a better idea of where to look for signs of past life forms.

Karen Welch
Karen Welch

Unbelievable photos of Mars.  The pics just keep getting better and better.

The evidence of water on Mars is very exciting and if they find water underground that is really going to up the ante to get there as fast as we can.  I want NASA to get the funds they deserve and need to explore Mars.  I'm waiting for more info on the Voyager that has entered interstellar space.  Very exciting.  The Voyagers are incredible.

Kristen Osman
Kristen Osman

@Dwayne LaGrou astronomers suspect that billions of years ago, Mars actually looked just like Earth. With a dense atmosphere, and a rich supply of water, there very well could have been life on Mars and evolved just like we have, here on Earth.

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