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Various cultures consider certain numbers superstitious.

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Jaclyn Skurie

National Geographic

Published September 13, 2013

Today is Friday the 13th—a day thought to be unlucky because of the idea that number 12 is "complete" (think apostles, months of the year, zodiac signs) and 13 is just ... odd. That's the explanation given by Joe Nickell, a senior research fellow and paranormal investigator for Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

But in other countries, different numbers are thought to be just as unlucky. In case 13 makes you nervous, here are five other numbers to avoid.

4: In China, the pronunciation of the word for the number four is similar to that of the Chinese word for death. Many buildings in China skip a fourth floor, just as U.S. builders sometimes omit floor 13.

9: Just as the number four has a bad-luck soundalike in Chinese, 9 is feared in Japan because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for torture or suffering.

17: Some Italians are superstitious about Friday the 17th because rearranging the Roman numeral XVII can create the word "VIXI"—translated from Latin to mean "my life is over."

39: The number 39 gets a bad rap in Afghanistan. An NPR report explains: "Many Afghans say that the number 39 translates into morda-gow, which literally means 'dead cow' but is also a well-known slang term for a procurer of prostitutes—a pimp." So when Afghans see a car with number 39 on the license plate, they head the other way.

666: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia means fear of the number 666. In the Bible's apocalyptic Book of Revelation, John the Apostle refers to 666 as "the number of the beast." This "beast" is often interpreted as being the Antichrist—and thus the number is a sign of the devil.

Can you add to our list of unlucky numbers from around the world?

Michell M.
Michell M.

Not sure if 3 is considered bad luck in the Philippines because I remember my grandma saying "avoid having the number of stairs in multiples of three because 3 is death." Oro, plata, MATA if i remember it correctly

Michell M.
Michell M.

Not sure if 3 is considered bad luck in the Philippines because I remember my grandma saying "avoid having the number of stairs in multiples of three because 3 is death." Oro, plata, MATA if i remember it correctly

Ricky Overmyer
Ricky Overmyer

42.  It is the answer to the Ultimate Question.

Ray Butler
Ray Butler

13 would theoretically represent balance, 6 is associated with the devil, short of perfection, while 7 represents God, perfection, 13 is a balance of the perfect and imperfect.

Prabu K
Prabu K

In Tamilnadu, India, people don't buy vechile with sum of number ending 8. like 1124 which is 1+1+2+4 = 8. so Govt decided to allot all such numbers to Govt vechiles.. 


In Malaysia and Singapore, the Cantonese-speaking Chinese will avoid '14' as it sounds like 'sure to die' in Cantonese.

Generally, they like the digit '8' as it sounds like 'Fatt' which is becoming rich or prosperous.

They will avoid '58' as it means 'will not be prosperous' in the language.

Votua Levu
Votua Levu

There are two Books to See and other: Conceptually Gnostic Wisdom - "the Kingdom of God is not for Idiots" , Wisdom, Wisdom , Wisdom

1st King James Version 1611 Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. ...666 , The Latin Vulgate  Revelation 13:18  Wisdom...616 this refers to the 3 Wise Men or the Three Kings of the East  666 

Khaliphat Rasul Allah IV,

Izalat al Khifa 'an Khilafat al Khulafa IV & 

Allah or Alamea IV- the Holy Trinity ,

 the Vulgate will be Allah Revelation 19:10-16 cf Matthews 1:18 [Sea of Bitterness- Miriam see Gnostic Gospel of Mary & Qu'ran-Miriam all conceptual]  & Matthews 2:18 [Zita Ramayana & Lesieli and the Nativity] 

Absolute Nativity of the North Pole Magnetic Field-in the Midst of the Sea the Southern Ying Yang- Rabb -al-Falaq 113:1-7 Lord of the Dawn birth "time 0600 hrs" & Al-Nas 114:1-6 Surah- Jury of doctor and nurses- Born Circumcised, Haemangiomas of Thigh, the Calf Revelation 10:2-  Lord of Mankind, King of Mankind, God of Mankind, same as Revelation 19:16-Born Circumcised-[Son of Man] not Filthy-as Sons of Female Dogs-Revelation 22:15 cf Infant Gospel of Thomas & Gospel of Thomas.

 "Science Cannot Replace Religion" said Pope Benedict XVI 

"That is very Un-German to make a Stupid Statement like is the Truth , only the Truth - nothing but the Truth-"  says Allah VI...should be All Knowing and Should be merciful???

      VI vs XVI or 616...if he dips his hand in the Cup that belongs to me, his the traitor...learn the Legend of Kava [Lazarus] the Leper from Faa'i Mata...

Nostradamus has predicted right..."Black Pope"..everything is correct.. Matthew 12:42 The queen[ X,Y] of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the "wisdom of Solomon" Islamic Studies of the Ying Yang- Magog One China Policy Northern Ying Yang and the Kingdom of Og and "Isa Lei"- Jesus of Sirach ....fantastic stuff - about the Twins Jesus of Kashmir and St.Thomas of Madras- always listen to Palestinian Locals, they will prove to you Jesus Christ never Existed ...2000 years many guessing all Western Christian Commercialization of the Holy Title of Isa or Isa Lei Conceptual or Jesus The Christ...

Leonardo da Vinci reminds us "that he may not remember who he is"...Rama has told him everything - The Gujerati -Brahmin of Marshill of the Hindu Kush is the King & Queens Baker in Royal Kitchen of the Twin Panthers - of Bethlehem-Conceptual to the Royal Cook and Baker- names have hidden concept that is why ...Popes have lied for 2000 years up to this day playing God in infallibility... 

Here is Wisdom of the 666 - here is a tip 666 x 25,920,000 years = the full age of the Earth 172,627,200,000 . How to get 25,920,000 years from 25,920 years of the Complete.

The magnetic field of the North Magnet- South Ying Yang was created by 1000 years of Christ Negative Mass (1000 x 25,290 =25,920,000)

The magnetic field of the South Magnet -North Ying Tang was created by the 1000 years of Satan Positive Mass (1000 x 25, 290= 25, 920, 000).

All Magnetic Reverses takes place every end of Vaimui Constellation or Pisces- or old testament "Fish Gate of Vava'u"  There are more...from the Master- Ahmadiya- Day of Death & Islamic Studies of Western Christian Psychology and Ideology.

When we deal with the Qu'ran and the 4 Synoptic Gospel Galactic Lenses either convex or concave beaming of unpolarized photons to the Centre of  Gravity in the Midst of the Sea of Galilee or the Milky Way Sea - That such Light Particles of the 4 Quantum Constellations Matt- Vaimu'a Aquarius, Faka'afumate Mark , 'Ao'ao ki Masisiva Luke and  Lulutai or Phoenix Bird-John aligned onto the Masonry Crystal Pyramid Revelation 21:16-27 & Genesis 1:1-8.

Therefore the Science Program for the End of Time , Space , Gravity and Positive Mass is to Follow the 4 Gospels Carefully Conceptually...those who are Last will come First ; those who are First will Come Later or never in Our Nuclear Winter.

Denise Gaines
Denise Gaines

actually, the 666 is 616 when correctly translated ....Bible scholars found the original texts and realized it was mistranslated as the infamous 666.

S Manamuti
S Manamuti

95 is a good number in Thailand because when pronounced together it means stepping forward. good for business.

kelly you
kelly you

actually,9 is a lucky number in China.

Edwin Albert
Edwin Albert

8: when we write it, it ends where it began

Mirina Martinez
Mirina Martinez

In Puerto Rico and other Latin countries Tuesday the 13th is considered the equivalent of Friday the 13th.  Tuesday is our "unlucky" day Si es martes, ni te cases ni te enbarques.  This mean If it's Tuesday, don't wed or make trips.

Anuar Heb
Anuar Heb

6: Is the actual number of the beast. Number 7 is God's number and there are thousands of examples in the Bible: 7 days of the Creaton, 7 Seals of Revelation, etc. The divine nature of number seven is explained on its Hebrew roots. Number seven is pronounced in Hebrew as "Sheba". This name, with slight variations in the pronunciation is also associated with Fullness, Completeness of Perfection ("Saba") or with an Oath ("Shaba").  Perfection or God is then related to number 7. 6 is not full, it's not complete but it is "almost" 7 and therefore it is given to the second most powerful entity, the Devil.

max van Hees
max van Hees

@kelly you  that is entirely true. As 0, 4, 5 and 6 are unlucky.

And the lucky ones are 2,3,5,6,7,8,9 and 49.

(5 and 6 can be seen both lucky and unlucky)

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