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Adrian Ho
Adrian Ho

I'm looking forward to a wonderfully creative national park being established when the Koreas unite (I hope very soon) in which all we've learned about wildlife corridors and minimally invasive transportation corridors are implemented. Look to the German example, and make it happen, please. 

C'mon Korea, you can do it :)

John Snider
John Snider

This problem between the two Korea's, reminds of what happens to people when they get caught up in a fight between two larger powers.  The people can end up mad at each other, with no way to fix the problem, because they weren't really the problem in the first place.  That's all forgotten due to the amount of damage that was incurred on both sides, but the reality is that they are carrying an offense that belongs to others.  It would seem there is no logical way for them to resolve the conflict.  Perhaps re-establishing their original identity, just as if the conflict never occurred, i.e. laying down the identities foisted upon them by the superpowers, might help.  It would take a lot of forgiveness and a lot of soul searching.  I pray for the peace of Korea.


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