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Ric Mucklow
Ric Mucklow

Agreed - would it be possible to raise at least one of them and get into a museum where it can be preserved and displayed before they are gone forever?

Matthew Snihur
Matthew Snihur

Is anything being done to stop the further destruction of these beautiful historic ships? Or is this just a depressing and hopeless article?

胡 丽
胡 丽

It must be an old ship.

John Sumner
John Sumner

Today is 11 August, 2013 and the above very short Google Alert is brief to say the most seeing at the HAMILTON and the SCROUGE > was in a NG mag (that I have a copy of) from yonks ago! John Sumner.

Brandy Barr
Brandy Barr

@Ric Mucklow do you think maybe someday someone could find a way to at least replicate these kinds of  awesome and fragile findings with technology like, 3D laser printing or something similar ? it would be so amazing for people to be able to enjoy  seeing and possibly touching things like this ship for example !  because even if we could go see shipwrecks like this, we wouldn't be able to get too close or handle any part of it  .(sorry , for the lengthy badly punctuated comment  I just wanted to put that thought out there ) thanks !

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