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Feds Slash Colorado River Release to Historic Lows

A view of Lake Powell in 2013.

Image courtesy NASA Earth Observatory

Sally Deneen

for National Geographic

Published August 16, 2013

A "No Fishing" sign sits improbably along a dry desert road in Nevada. The largest man-made reservoir in the U.S., Lake Mead, once extended this far—but the watery destination of anglers and boaters has shrunk so much that the lakeshore now is about a half-mile away. (View an interactive map of the region.)

The recession of the massive lake that straddles Nevada and Arizona is symbolic of a long-standing problem that just got a lot worse: The Colorado River's record-low flows and the shrunken reservoirs of lakes Mead and Powell (pictured above) for the first time have triggered big cuts in the amount of water allowed to flow downstream. The loss has prompted one alarmed official to float the idea that Western states ask for federal aid.

A new report has brought a sense of urgency to the slow-moving disaster represented by the shrinking Colorado River.

For days and weeks, water officials fretted that the federal Bureau of Reclamation's anticipated 24-month study would deliver bad news, and it did. The agency—a division of the Department of Interior that provides water and power in the West—announced today it would cut water released from Lake Powell's Glen Canyon Dam by 750,000 acre-feet next year. That's about enough water to serve 1.5 million homes.

"Unprecedented," said Scott Huntley, spokesperson for the Las Vegas-based Southern Nevada Water Authority, whose chief, Pat Mulroy, has mentioned the idea of seeking federal aid.

A business coalition warned of an "unprecedented water crisis within the next few years," thanks to the situation in lakes Mead and Powell, the latter of which straddles Arizona and Utah.

It's the first time in the history of the nearly 50-year-old Glen Canyon Dam that water going downstream would be cut. "This is the worst 14-year drought period in the last hundred years," said Upper Colorado regional director Larry Walkoviak in a press release.

Among the effects, said Gary Wockner of, are negative impacts on fish, wildlife, and the ecosystem in the Grand Canyon. "The river is already severely endangered due to way too many dams and diversions," said Wockner. "The impact on the health of the Colorado River is unsustainable."

(Learn more about issues affecting the Colorado River.)

The Race for Water Is On

Las Vegas effectively has two straws into Lake Mead, which is roughly 300 miles (480 kilometers) downstream of Lake Powell, to get its water. One of those straws could stop working once the lake drops too far—somewhere between 1,050 feet (320 meters) and 1,075 feet (328 meters) above sea level, it's thought. Perhaps as early as autumn 2014, Lake Mead is expected to drop to 1,075 feet (down 25 feet from the current level).

Anticipating trouble earlier, the city's water authority has been busy installing a third straw to reach a deeper part of Lake Mead.

"It's essentially a race for us," Huntley said, as the lake "is going to drop more precipitously than seen in the past."

If things continue to worsen as climate change brings more evaporation and less rain over time, other issues will come into focus for the seven states and part of Mexico that rely on the Colorado River. Power production at Hoover Dam would stop if the water's elevation drops enough, for example.

"You won't be able to put water through the turbines," Huntley said. "You don't have enough really to be much more than a river at that point, as opposed to a storage reservoir."

(Related: "8 Rivers Run Dry.")

What the Report Means

"It's a kick in the pants or a blow to the head to make us pay attention to both short-term and long-term projections of supply and demand imbalances," Brad Udall said of the Bureau of Reclamation report. Udall is the director of the University of Colorado Law School's Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment.

Record drought and overuse of water from the meager Colorado River have taken a toll. Tree-ring reconstructions of stream flow suggest the past 14 years rank among the lowest stream-flow periods in 1,200 years, according to Udall and Michael Connor, commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.

"Something very, very unusual is going on," said Udall, who suspects climate change is playing a part.

It's as if a giant sucked up an astonishing amount of water with a straw. Some 8.23 million acre-feet of water is supposed to flow each year into Lake Mead from Lake Powell to serve Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico, per long-standing interstate and international agreements. But the past 14 years have been tough.

"Basically, Mead has lost the equivalent of one entire year's worth of flow," Udall said. "It's missing 8 million acre-feet of water." (An acre-foot of water is equivalent to one acre with 12 inches of water on it.)

Lake Powell also is missing a year's worth (about 15 million acre-feet). Drought is the main culprit for Lake Powell, Udall said, while Lake Mead's issue is overuse.

The Colorado River Basin "is one of the most critical sources of water in the West," Connor said in written comments submitted to a Senate subcommittee hearing in July. The river and its tributaries quench the thirsts of 40 million people and nearly 5.5 million acres of farmland, plus seven national wildlife refuges, four national recreation areas, and 11 national parks.

Good News, Bad News

The good news is if big snows and rains come in the next year, the feared short-term crisis would be averted—dams could end up delivering normal amounts of water downstream. And even if the dreaded cuts in water do occur, it probably won't be so bad short term, Udall predicts. That's because Arizona has been banking water underground.

"There would be a belt-tightening by a small group of water users in Arizona and Nevada, a price increase for a larger group in Arizona...and water use would likely remain constant," thanks to groundwater pumping, the website reports. At least for a while.

The bad news is if the water shortage drags on for years, people in Nevada, Arizona, and California "would have to answer some very difficult questions," Udall said.

By current river law, Lake Mead must deliver a certain amount of water downstream, but the lake is draining faster than it's refilling. At some point, if the situation doesn't improve, the fear is it may come to deciding this: Do we cut off water supply to Las Vegas to two million people because the reservoir has dropped too low? Or does someone else pay?

"The [logical] answer is you keep supplying water to Las Vegas and you short someone else," Udall said. But the complicated and often controversial "law of the river" that governs who gets the water from the Colorado isn't always straightforward, and can cause "angst," as Udall puts it.

The law currently says Arizona would have to bear the brunt of any reductions in flow, while Las Vegas could see some more modest restrictions. California, on the other hand, "escapes scot free," said Udall, meaning farmers there would be the last to see any restrictions.

According to a shortage-sharing agreement signed in 2007, if Lake Mead drops below 1075 feet (328 meters), automatic water cuts will kick in for Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico.

(See how water is "embedded" in things we use every day and see how the world's river basins stack up.)

Agriculture...and Climate Change

Most Colorado River water is used for agriculture. That's good in the view of Tina Shields, who manages Colorado River resources for the Imperial Irrigation District in southern California, which mostly serves farmers in a region just above where the Colorado flows into Mexico. (See a series on the Colorado River Delta.)

Shields says people from cities are greedily eyeing farmers' water. "We shouldn't be jeopardizing our food supply to allow urban growth to occur," Shields counters.

To some degree it may feel like the same old fights will wage on. But Udall says water stress may eventually force major changes. He said there are warning signs that climate change is already steering the fight to where it's never been before.

"Climate change has the potential to throw curveballs—to throw extreme events at us the likes of which we've never seen and we're not prepared to deal with," said Udall.

Pictured is Lake Powell in 1999 and 2013, Image courtesy NASA Earth Observatory

judi donahue
judi donahue

Could it be some entity has anticipated the warming and water shortage and syphoned much of the missing water to a private aquifer? People will try to store water in underground reservoirs when they realise warming is serious and water supplies are in danger...Just a thought

Paul Schott
Paul Schott

Dad look another fish near the top of the water Young Eagle soon there will be many as the water goes down.
Dad and when the water is gone what will we eat Young Eagle that is fortold in Revelation 19:17-18
Have no fear young Eagle, those who are faithful to the end will be saved.

Satan's Sin City “Las Vegas” very soon to die like a fish out of water

World Leaders Pay Close "ATTENTION".

This Planet Earth Cannot And Will Not Support Life As We Know It Without Its FOREST.

Soon all will take note to the sounds and rumbling of Volcanoes and Earthquakes Around Earth
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Read well and study on your own after you have read this.

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Alaska you see it in the sky above what a sight it is going through our Earth’s Magnet Polls of the
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The day will come when you will be able to see it all over Earth as in the year 1859 Solar Flare,
It was the largest in 500 years. Two Astronomer’s Hodgson and Carrington told the World that the
Solar Flare made a Geomagnetic Storm reach Earth in hours not days. Back then it gave new meaning to
"Reach For The Skies" from Telegraph Operators. For hours sparks flew from the key board. Even after
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The trees our are Main Source of Oxygen on this Plant.

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The Forest Trees do more then just make Oxygen they stop Soil Erosion, just Look at the 1930 Dust Bowl. Greed by
our wicked Government leaders to bleed from us as much money as they could out of us tru taxes led farmers to clear cut all their
Forest, and farm all the land they were being Tax on.
They had to farm it to pay for the Taxes. Why leave the Trees when food crop makes Money.

This Did not Help the Depression that effected most all Worldwide. More then 100 million in the coming years will suffer from
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One country can see clearly and knows already the World's food and safe drinking water supply is running out at a record pace.
With one of the worlds largest Population it has taking steps to no longer let anyone in its country, export any of its farmland grown
food or grain from INDIA to any other country Nov 2013.

China is trying to buy up all the world's grain it can and the future harvest of framers.
Future Commodities of Food Stocks soon will climb like a rocket because of this.
China is also right now working on passing laws on its farmers. China Rural Reforms On Farming Jan 2014.
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Paul Schott
Paul Schott

The Pollution and CO2 Carbon Dioxide go into the Tree Bark as a shield from most bugs so they do not eat the tree.

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Paul Schott
Paul Schott

Look to the (US Gov web site "USGS U.S. Geological Survey" Repeat Photography of Alaskan Glaciers USGS)

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Satan's Sin City "Las Vegas" very soon to die like a fish out of water.

The Governor of California Jerry Brown has declared a State Of Emergency due to the driest DROUGHT in Califronia's history. Friday January 17, 2014
Lake Mead at record low and soon will not be able to make electric power.

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The Lord’s Little Helper
Paul Felix Schott

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Solar Energy the way to go.
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Daniel Rolan
Daniel Rolan

The book "The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead" lays out ways we can prepare personally for the water shortages, wars and difficulties ahead. I highly recommend you read this book.

Kellie Foster
Kellie Foster

I live in Page, Arizona! Praying for Snow and lot's of it!!!

Peace Seeker
Peace Seeker

Based on the groundbreaking book, "Blue Gold : World Water Wars" explores the conflicts over water today and in the future as governments and corporations vie for control of our most vital resource.

Joe Booze
Joe Booze

What's all the worrying about. The coming higher water bills will solve  the Lake Mead water level problems. Plus a New Master Building Plan is being kicked around which is a sure indicator that the water problem is only our imagination and the elected officials can't wait to get their names on the corner stone when it's built for you to see..

Alec Sevins
Alec Sevins

Article quote: "Shields says people from cities are greedily eyeing farmers' water. "We shouldn't be jeopardizing our food supply to allow urban growth to occur," Shields counters."

You can't separate those issues so cleanly. Farmers depend on urban people since it's all part of the same Ponzi growth scheme. The whole economy is predicated on more people consuming more "stuff," be it water, food, the housing market or electronic goods.

How about taking that a logical step further and questioning the entire concept of an economy that must "grow or die" like a cluster of cancer cells? All you ever hear in political/business speeches is "grow the economy," which comes down to more people grabbing more stuff from this finite rock. This "growth" can't occur simply as a result of magic money on a spreadsheet. It's a physical process requiring physical elements of land, water and fossil energy. Most people remain ungrateful for where these things come from and their limited nature.

michael spexarth
michael spexarth

The real major change we need, and probably have only about 15 years max to get there, is energy efficient desalination.

Bit of irony, we get rising sea levels when we really need rising fresh water levels. Historically, no civilization that was built on irrigation or could not maintain environmental sustainability has survived.

All nature is in transition. Nothing is fixed, welcome to the Game Board.

Larry Antelope
Larry Antelope

This is incredible. "Unprecedented" really?  Worst 14 years of drought in a hundred years! Water is draining faster than its refilling!  Who still says its NOT global warming? Its right in our faces kids! To be honest its going to be awesome to see what happens!

Alfredo Soto
Alfredo Soto

Vagas is a very dry city it is only obvious that they were going to face water problems; but where there's a will there is a way. Human ingenuity will figure out a solution for those people living there. Vagas could try to restrict how many people could move into its city due to the lack of resources. This could happen as it has happen to some communities in California.

craig hill
craig hill

"Something very, very unusual is going on," said Udall, who suspects climate change is playing a part.

DUHHHH, REALLY?  It is nothing short of the beginning of the end of desert communities.

To save the cities that produce something of value, i vote we cut off the water to worthless Vegas.  It should fade back into sagebrush.  That should buy a little time for Phoenix before that plug needs to be pulled, and then LA. 

IMJO Today
IMJO Today

It's time for Marc Reisner to write Cadillac Desert II

Beto Sabio
Beto Sabio

Hey Hermano Ed........   a great comparison above (you can click on vertical line on sat view and move)

Alec Sevins
Alec Sevins

@craig hill People should boycott Las Vegas due to their latest planned water grab, which is bound to kill off ecosystems in remote Nevada valleys. Anyone who keeps visiting that city is part of the problem, regardless of the fun factor. But think about it, is losing your money most of the time actually worth the drive?

Alec Sevins
Alec Sevins

@IMJO Today Unfortunately, Mr. Reisner has been gone for 13 years now. But he was right all along.

Resource Cornucopians and growth-addicts are stuck in a fantasy world. The whole notion of coddling endless consumption is THE problem, not a "lack of water." We recognize this easily when a herd of wildebeest encounters a shrinking water hole in Africa. Man's ability to divert or desalinate water only masks the fundamental lack of balance.


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