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mary rose
mary rose

What is the potential for such creations?

Cindy Mathews
Cindy Mathews

These are the coolest things!  They look like they are made of clay, or marzipan! I would love his job too!  "All you need is a beaker of water mixed with barium salts and sodium silicate, a flat plate to place inside the beaker for the flowers to grow on, and a lid."Jane J. Lee (2013).

Drishti Piplani
Drishti Piplani


seems like made from clay moulds........

Michelle Luttrell
Michelle Luttrell

I think govt. grants and the super wealthy might find a priority food, shelter clothing and most importantly a great education and health care systems. ty

Viktor Karlsson
Viktor Karlsson

So it's a kind of mold or funghi ? Looks fantastic !

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