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Emily E.
Emily E.

Tami- The Governor of Oklahoma already activated the National Guard yesterday. Besides, throwing your (obviously ill-informed) politically-infused criticism out there while parents are freshly mourning the loss of their children is just plain tacky.  

Carol Music
Carol Music

Hey Tami, give him a chance. He'll go as soon as he can. He HAS been in contact with the Gov. and FEMA and who know how many others in the early hours after this devastating tornado. He's signed the necessary paperwork (ALWAYS the paperwork!) to get money and support flowing into this town. Put them in your prayers instead of spouting your politics when that ISN'T the point at all of this tragedy.

Tami Sharp
Tami Sharp

Obama - No s*** sherlock, get your a** down there or get the Army National Guard asap to assist in finding people and getting the mess cleaned up. No doubt there is local officials on site assisting, but this devistation is Huge. ANG can deploy in minutes for war, Oklahoma needs them now! Lets get these people comfortable as soon as possible. They have lost so much! You would want that if you were in the same situation. Time is vital, there needs to be "immediate" response to distruction like this.

Tim Blake
Tim Blake

@Tami Sharp After cooking last Memorial day for residence and volunteers after the March tornado that devastated Henryville Indiana I can tell you that it will not be the government that will shoulder the load. It will be groups like Lutheran and Catholic charities that will do the heavy lifting. The government involvement will be short lived. People are still going to Henryville, Joplin, New Orleans, New jersey and many other places. If you want to help these people get involved. It will change your life

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