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Stephanie Turlay
Stephanie Turlay

I am interested in finding color pictures of beautiful beetles.  Can anyone direct me to a site?

Bill Cornelius
Bill Cornelius

There was some discussion on butterfly websites of giving species names in the form of the geographic location of the holotype, for example Colias W120.38.01-N33.31.55. Kind of hard to remember but very accurate, and always unique.

Alex Baum
Alex Baum

While this is all extremely interesting, it is pretty disappointing that National Geographic did not get its basic facts straight before publishing it.  The Cyclops Mountains are in Indonesian New Guinea (West Papua) not Papua New Guinea.  The location of these mountains is extremely close to the border of the two countries, but nevertheless, the mountain range is in Indonesia.  Some might consider it trivial, but they got the wrong country.  Not very impressive on their part.  The research, however, is fascinating and my hat is off to the folks working on this stuff.  This is how we save one of the last true wildernesses of the world - sound research that provides a reason to conserve an area.

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