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David Czuba
David Czuba

Like Bezos, I was 4 when the first moon landing occurred. At age 12, my father took me to Washington D.C. to visit our uncle. We toured the National Air and Space Museum and the display on the F-1 was a quarter section of the bell housing reflected in corner mirrors, making it appear full size. Thinking back, it seemed larger than my bedroom.  Living near Seattle, I'm thankful that Bezos requested an F-1 for Paul Allen's air museum here. Good job, you folks!

Craig Haynes
Craig Haynes

I was 8 years old and in the Grand Teton National Park for the summer living with my now departed grandpa & grandma for the summer in a little cabin near where my grandpa was a park ranger, I remember all 3 of us getting a telegram from my dad saying we "made it to the moon first" so me & my buddy camped out that night laying down looking at the moon & wondering what they were doing on the moon most of the night. It's one of those nights ill never forget.


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