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Subudorangutan orangutan
Subudorangutan orangutan

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The Subud is a word wide organization with a vague background. During the previous decades it become a serious network, which has an 

effective on every aspect of life, including banks, organizations for youth and culture, enterprises, foundations and a huge empire of 

property wealth.

Actually Subud is a sect, based on the Islam, with myriad members, who can govern using financial dependence and psychical effect (Lathian 

trance) too. 

The official founder was R.M. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjujo (1901-1987), known after the World War II. as Pak Subuh from Indonesia. At the 

beginning the sect existed only in Java, but in the 50’s – 60’s it extended word wide, taking out influential people to be their supporter 

directly or by implication. However the real intellectual leading and ideology bases came from a totally different direction. Doctrines, 

worded by the well-known Russian dancer Gurdjieff, has been translated to the sect in the 40’s – 50’s by John G. Bennett, who was the 

disciple of Gurdjieff with a very interesting intelligence past and can be correlate with more organizations. Since the tsarist period ends 

Gurdjieff itself has been getting in a vague touch with Russians.

A. Fategale
A. Fategale

@Dailing ChenYes it was, my mother told me that it was named 'orangutan' because they're just like looks humans (whenever their cries  or smiles and any other behaviour etc) in indonesian orangutan means human that lives in the forest.

In indonesian, news like this are mostly ignored even though everyone knew about it...if only there are more people care about it.


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