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Lucia Reid
Lucia Reid

Florida's wildlife is amazing and must be protected. They're not furry little animals but neither are they predatory. Basically they don't want to be near people and normally only dangerous if cornered or protecting their young. Like most animals (even us), they are curious and like to eat - primarily plants, berries, nuts and bugs so are extremely vital to our ecosystem. Their sense of smell is 9 times stronger than a bloodhound. Bear biologists believe that a healthy bear population needs at least 400,000 acres of habitat land to survive!

Two people were injured since December 2013 in central Florida by black bears. Bears are usually lure them into neighborhoods by making garbage readily available. In the most recent incident, FWC killed 7 bears in less than a week, declaring all bears in the area dangerous and exterminating them immediately. That is NOT a solution.

We urgently need solutions. Anyone interested please become active before it is too late for these incredible animals.

Walter Matera
Walter Matera

While I am in agreement with the concept, as far as black bears are concerned, it's unnecessary.  Ask anyone in states where the population is very, very healthy.  Those furry critters are just oversized raccoons, perfectly happy to move in with people, eat their left-overs, sleep under their porches, you name it.  Florida panthers definitely need the corridors, probably bobcats do to.  But bears?  hah!

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