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Θανάσης Coun
Θανάσης Coun

Gold centerpieces made by beauty and love. Symbols of wealth, hapiness, everlasting standards. Nowdays gold bricks allgone in few bank basements. The only value is security * weigth. Congratulaions to our world. Greetings from Greece.

Evgeniy Mavrov
Evgeniy Mavrov

What the author has meant "Macedonian" culture.....?! does he knows this is geographic region in Balkans ( Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM)

masturah baser
masturah baser

nothing in this world is more valuable than a gold.even its age is a thousand of years it looks is seem like yesterday.still shining and beautiful. from here we can see how people at that times made it with hands or what kind tools they used and how their lives,,,this is why i liked about ancient more question than answer,,,so lucky if we found something like it,,,its a proof for modern world.thanks to nat geo my favourite brand give all this info...

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