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Håvard Skauen
Håvard Skauen

Me and me girlfriend was out on the pier. I was looking around in the water. It looked like stars. So I spit in the water and suddenly blue shining dots everywhere. We actually have our cabin here in Norway and I have never witnessed something like this. Truly an amazing experience.

Rima Caoili
Rima Caoili

we thought it was "Sea fireflies" =) LOL beautiful

Adesh Singh
Adesh Singh

i had to know what make t water glow in trinidad were i live

El Gabilon
El Gabilon

With so much beauty on the earth, why is it so difficult for humans to respect, love and cherish it all. Our God complex rather than being a loving, caring  attitude seems to be bent on absolute destruction of the earth and ourselves,.

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