Protoceratops parents nurtured their young." /> Pictures: "Gorgeous" Dinosaur Nest Found Full of Babies
National Geographic News
Andrew Booth
Andrew Booth

A fabulous discovery!

It also shows how our understanding (or lack of!) dinosaur physiology and behaviour continues to change. Many dinosaurs were obviously excellent parents and invested much time in their young. That's probably how dinosaurs dominated the world for 170 million years - they were doing something right! 

We saw the same changes in understanding over dinosaur metabolism with regards to whether they were 'hot or cold-blooded'. It emerged that dinosaurs evolved their own metabolisms that were different to those seen today. This discovery shows it's probably the same with care of the young.

Charlotte McIntare
Charlotte McIntare

This thing gets up to 6 feet long and you think 15 babies is unusually large? I would think there were more when they first hatched! Labrador's have almost that many and they are smaller. To have taken care of 15 babies for about a year, the food supply must have been awesome.


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