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Karl Jorgensen
Karl Jorgensen

"When Europeans first laid eyes on what would be New York, the eastern shore of the Hudson River ran along what is now Greenwich Street, a block east of where the trade center towers would rise. It was here that the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block sank his ship, Tijger, in 1613, after it had burned. Part of that ship was found during digging for the IRT subway line in 1916, and Mr. Tamaro said engineers had hoped to find the rest of it during the excavation for the trade center towers." ---New York Times, September 18, 2001

Karl Jorgensen
Karl Jorgensen

Is it the wreck of the Tidger or Tidjer? I had read years ago in school when they were building the subway tunnels near the WTC they had unearthed the bow of a ship during construction. The theory is that it had been deliberately sunk at wharf to provide landfill for the growing city.

Chris Herrera
Chris Herrera

Can you imagine being in that ship about 350 years ago and seeing what manhattan would have looked like. Or imagine what manhattan would have looked like 700 years ago. I bet you wouldnt have imagine some day this litle island surrounded by woods and indiginous peoples would become a mega metropolis... they need to make a theoretical documentary about it.. I would love to hear more about this vessel that has been discovered.


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