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Michelaine Mian Lim
Michelaine Mian Lim

Its not horrible nor fake. I guess it is true because it is really a secret place that no one could ever get in.

Geri Bohlender
Geri Bohlender

That's the official story... the reality is they have at least 5 underground level where alien aircrafts are studied. The book from Patrick Mariano gives a clear indication of what's going on there. Alien Invasion - Inside Area 51 on Amazon. 

The aliens are coming, and here we are, still debating what the government won't tell us.

Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez

Screw this horrible fake story of a cover up for the government and the military. The truth is out there and sooner or later, we will all know it. How dare there be an Area 51 and not make the public aware to what's really going on. Concerned citizens deserve to know the truth and we will.


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