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Middle East Protests

Middle East Map

Updated April 18, 2011. Credits

Text: Korena Di Roma

Design: Shawn Greene

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Iraq Iran Jordan Lebanon Syria Saudi Arabia UAE Oman Yemen Qatar Kuwait Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt Bahrain

Country-by-Country Overview

In December 2010, a young street vendor's desperate act of protest sparked an uprising in Tunisia that ended with the forced resignation of the country's longtime leader. The successful revolution inspired popular uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, toppling the government of Egypt and leading to armed conflict in Libya. Income inequality, high youth unemployment, and autocratic rule are often the key ingredients that fuel unrest.

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Middle East News

  • Ediacaran-990x628.jpg

    Grow Your Own Body

    Ancient creatures called rangeomorphs existed before the dawn of skeletons and shells.


  • A photo of a World Health Organization team carrying the bodies of deceased patients to a cemetery.

    Who Gets Experimental Ebola Drugs?

    Use of an untested Ebola drug stirs the ethics debate on whether experimental therapies can be used in Africa.


  • skywatchshootingstar.jpg

    5 Sky Events This Week

    The moon will join the seventh planet from the sun while bright worlds appear to pair together in the heavens.


  • A house burns at the Cocos fire on May 15, 2014 in San Marcos, California.

    Firefighters' New Tools

    In the face of increasingly devastating wildfires in the arid West, firefighters are turning to new technology.


  • Northern Right Whale mother & calf (Eubalaena glacialis) off Atlantic coast of Florida. Aerial views..

    A Blast at Whales

    Companies have been cleared to seek seismic noise permits in the Atlantic, but ocean researchers fear for whales.


  • A photo of border patrol agents detaining immigrants in Texas.

    Migrant Smuggling Defines Town

    Easy highway access and the resurgence of a frontier lawlessness has made Falfurrias part of a vast and lucrative human smuggling hub.


  • A photo of the cover of James Nestor's book, "Deep"

    Humans Are Born to Dive

    James Nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us.


  • Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar west of Mosul, take refuge at Dohuk province, August 7, 2014.

    Who are the Yazidis?

    With the advance of Sunni militants into the frontier of Iraqi Kurdish territory, the small Yazidi religious minority has fled its homeland of Sinjar.


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