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Iraq Iran Jordan Lebanon Syria Saudi Arabia UAE Oman Yemen Qatar Kuwait Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt Bahrain

Country-by-Country Overview

In December 2010, a young street vendor's desperate act of protest sparked an uprising in Tunisia that ended with the forced resignation of the country's longtime leader. The successful revolution inspired popular uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, toppling the government of Egypt and leading to armed conflict in Libya. Income inequality, high youth unemployment, and autocratic rule are often the key ingredients that fuel unrest.

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Middle East News

  • A Bon monk of Lubra holds his Mala during a skull cup ritual used to divine the future of the coming year.

    How to Help the Sherpas

    These five organizations and funds assist Sherpa families in Nepal.


  • Photo of a truck submerged by flood waters.

    Odds of NYC Flooding Rise

    New study documents rising storm surges since the mid-19th century.


  • Photo of the Southwest face of Mount Everest.

    Is Everest Open? It's Unclear

    Nepali officials say Mount Everest is not closed, but teams are departing out of respect for the Sherpas.


  • Photo of a tsetse fly.

    Tsetse Fly Genome Sequenced

    Scientists may next be able to exploit the deadly fly's live birth and mammalian-like milk in battle against sleeping sickness.


  • Geof Bartram at 7000m, Changtse and North Col behind, 1984 Australian Expedition, first ascent White Limbo route, Mt. Everest, Tibet

    Climbers Continue Up Everest

    The deadly avalanche on the Nepali side of Mount Everest hasn't stopped expeditions from China.


  • Illustration of supernova magnification.

    Super Cosmic Illusion

    Astronomers have struggled to explain why a distant supernova was way too bright. Now, one team has figured it out.


  • Kryptodakon flying in the sky.

    Oldest Known Pterodactyl Found

    The 163-million-year-old Kryptodrakon pushes back the evolution of the ancient flying reptiles by five million years, a new study says.


  • onward-food-london-tunnels-long-shot--s2048x1365--p.jpg

    This Land Is Your Land

    Feeding nine billion—and eventually 10 billion—means growing crops faster, smarter, and in new places. Do we need to find more land?


The Innovators Project

  • Brave Sage of Timbuktu

    Brave Sage of Timbuktu

    Abdel Kader Haidara had made it his life's work to document Mali's illustrious past. When the jihadists came, he led the rescue operation to save 350,000 manuscripts.

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