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Peter LeGassick
Peter LeGassick

Dear Sir/Madam, after watching the documentary about Otzi the Ice Man i was intrigued and surprised no one to my knowledge had come up with another possibility of how he had died, perhaps the possibility of a murder was more appealing than something simple. Quite plausible is that the the arrow head in his back could have been from an old wound from a previous conflict plus giving a reason why no arrow shaft was found, and the arrow head over time had moved causing his surmise by rupturing an artery and upon falling caused the fracture to his skull .

Another possibility is that the the arrow head in his back could have been from an old wound from a previous conflict and on the mountain he fell on his back where the arrow head was which moved causing his death by rupturing the artery and upon falling also caused the fracture to his skull . His stomach was full which would suggest he was not in a hurry or being pursued, he had unprepared arrows that would surely mean he was not expecting trouble, his copper axe was still with him as was his bow, arrows and knife.......this is not a man that was concerned and was happy and prepared for the environment he was in even down to the shoes he was wearing. Not as exciting as the thoughts of the scientists of how he died but just as or possibly more believable than a murder and a good reason for why he died with all his possessions and not finding the arrow shaft belonging to the arrow head in his back. Your comments on this theory would be most welcome.  Mr Peter M LeGassick  


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