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    10. Big Cats Wild for Calvin Klein Cologne?

    Bronx Zoo cheetahs are attracted to Calvin Klein's "Obsession for Men," which scientists have tested to lure wild big cats close to camera traps.

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    9. Frogs Shake Booties Before Fights

    In a stunning display of amphibian machismo, tree frogs boogie before they brawl in this unprecedented video.

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    8. Mammal-like Croc Found

    Fossils show that an ancient crocodile had mammal-like teeth and legs.

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    7. "Prehistoric" Shark Attacks Bait

    Scientists this year filmed deep-sea creatures for the first time at depths of more than 4,500 feet near Australia's coast, including the deep-dwelling sixgill shark biting on bait.

  • stuck-mars-rover-vin.jpg

    6. Stuck Mars Rover About to Die?

    Built to rove for 90 days, Spirit has lasted six years on Mars. But now it's stuck and may lose power. Even standing still, though, Spirit can do a surprising amount of science, NASA says.

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    Fire Tornado Filmed in Hawaii

    While battling a blaze on the slopes of Mauna Kea in August, a Hawaii firefighter captured rare footage of a fire tornado, or fire whirl.

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    4. Mutant All-Black Penguin Found

    An all-black king penguin—a very rare mutant—was spotted and filmed on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.

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    3. Vampire Squid Turns "Inside Out"

    The vampire squid can turn itself "inside out" to avoid predators—as seen in a video released this year to emphasize the need to protect deep-sea species from the effects of human activities.

  • diver-vanishes-maya-underworld-vin.jpg

    2. Diver "Vanishes" in Maya Underworld

    An explorer "disappears" into the floor of a pool sacred to the ancient Maya, and divers find the first known fossils in Belize.

  • video-grab-sea-lion-vs-octopus--s100x75--z.jpg

    1. Octopus vs. Sea Lion

    It's a first. Outfitted with a Crittercam, an Australian sea lion has filmed itself hunting, and eating, a large octopus.

Published December 1, 2010

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