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Rama Menon
Rama Menon

The article is a well written one; capturing the big one in a not so lengthy note. But yet, somehoe seeing the cement mixers, chemical tank trucks etc in the midst of such a beautiful and breathtaking landscape, is difficult to be digested. Through the article, the lingering voice seems to be the call for greater consumption. Will this not lead to greater Carbon emission? I thought that with this great Oil gush the United States would be in the right shoes to counter the production of OPEC which is poignantly low to say the least. If domestic consumption can be kept to a reasonable level, the world would have more energy resources at its command and this interconnection will make the developing countries more answerable to the woes of releasing more carbon. Also, more gas and oil would mean less investment in research areas promoting bio fuels and other alternative energies which in turn could be detrimental to economically weak countries. It looks like MORE could be just LESS for the Americans if not use judiciously. Not to plunge the world again in to a Energy crisis would be the responsibility each and every citizen of this beautiful Planet.

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