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Emily Guerrette
Emily Guerrette


"Officials are investigating whether the cub was wild caught or captive-bred, as well as where the woman intended to bring the tiger."

The woman is going to try to hide the orgin of the cub. Meaning that until they find out where the cub came from this is the best they can do. Unfortunately cubs are often bought and sold on the black market and it could be near impossible to find out where the mother is and if the mother is still alive. I think that for the time being they are doing what they can to keep the tiger safe and healthy and are trying to reconnect the cub with the mother.

Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen

Personally I think that if you really want to help the baby tiger, the best thing you could do for it is get the smuggler to show you where it was taken from and return the cub to its mother. Can you imagine someone coming by one day and just up and taking your baby away from you?

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