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Published August 2, 2010

Featured in a new "roll call" of life from 25 key ocean regions, marine oddities oscillate, swim, and skitter to an ocean "chorus." The animals are all on the Census of Marine Life's newly released species inventory of 25 key areas of the world's oceans. Each area averages more than 10,000 known forms of life, including jellyfish, octopus, sharks, and crustaceans.

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Pictures: Hard-to-See Sea Creatures Revealed

The Ocean (National Geographic Supersite)

UNEDITED TRANSCRIPT (onscreen text only)

The Census of Marine Life inventoried 25 key ocean regions around the world...

On average, each contained more than 10,000 known forms of life.

Like the notes of a musical score...

These diverse creatures come together to create the chorus of the sea...



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