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It is not for me to say what to do about the dams being considered in Patagonia, but I WILL beg the powers-who-be to consider something. Look what the US has done to our beautiful, productive rivers in the name of power, and farms not suited to the lack of water without irrigation. By damming up the rivers, we spurred major growth of cities where there is no water (talk about a gambling lifestyle in Las Vegas). We have sacrificed the wildlife that has maintain the ecological balance for millennia (where have all the wild salmon gone...) We have watched vast areas drown all along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers,  and marshes either drown or dry up (think New Orleans vs a hurricane). We turned fertile, pristine land into fertilizer run-offs with coastal dead zones where NOTHING survives. Other places burn or erode away. The US has been a poor steward for the land and creatures that inhabit the rivers. We have changed the climate here, but not as much as other countries who destroy their cultures without much thought. If you build your dams, at least THINK about what you are destroying and why , and how can your needs be met with the least amount of impact and destruction. Save what you can, because once it's gone, it will be gone forever.


The Future of Food

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    Why Food Matters

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