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Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

So, many different wild cats in one forest! Its a wonder that they don't all interbreed!

James Mays
James Mays

This demonstrates modern man's inevitable effect on nature.  The nature of man is to increase his dominance over "unpredictable" nature and these creatures are the losers.  Each generation wakes up to this truth too late and the result is man's loss (by degrees) of his connection to nature.  One day, a man will wake up and have no idea what nature was.

I do not see any path to avoidance of the loss of the natural world in man's future.  Is anyone looking for a way to change that outcome ? 

Tina Morphis
Tina Morphis

@James Mays The only way to change that outcome is to change the Human animal to remember that we are in fact just mammal's that we are interconnected to this planet, we are it and it is us.  We are made from the same minerals, atoms, as the universe, until that changes, I don't know.


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