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A deep-sea volcano is seen spewing lava and highly acidic molten sulfur.
A deep-sea volcano spews lava and highly acidic molten sulfur in an April 2009 picture.

Photograph courtesy WHOI

Published December 10, 2009

With the exception of an eclipse and volcano "spiders," the stars of National Geographic News's most popular video presentations were a decidedly deep lot—hopping fish, countertop "sea monsters," underwater eruptions, and more.

10. Restored Moon Landing Video Amazes Anew

Around the time of the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, NASA released restored video of the original moonwalks in 1969.

9. "Dumbo," Other Deep-Sea Oddities Found

Oil-eating tubeworms and 15-tentacled sea cucumbers are among the 5,000 deep-dwelling species identified by the Census of Marine Life, a ten-year effort to chronicle life in the deep ocean.

8. New Species Found at Great Barrier Reef

In and around Australia's Great Barrier Reef, researchers with the Census of Marine Life have discovered hundreds of new species.

7. "Sea Monsters" Surfacing in Utah

Some 93 million years ago, dinosaur-era "sea monsters" swam the seas above what is now Utah. Thanks to paleontologists, more evidence of the ancient beasts is now surfacing.

6. Hubble Floats Away From Shuttle

In May space shuttle astronauts released the Hubble Space Telescope, following five spacewalks to repair and improve the 19-year-old spacecraft.

5. "Psychedelic" Fish Hops on Seafloor

A newly discovered frogfish—dubbed the psychedelic fish because of its colorful stripes—hops along the seabed by flexing its lower fins and shooting water from its gills.

4. Whale Fossil Found in Kitchen Counter

A factory found a 40-million-year-old whale fossil preserved in a series of limestone kitchen counters.

3. Deep-Sea Eruption, Odd Animals Seen

Scientists caught a fast-growing, 12-story underwater volcano erupting—along with odd creatures evolved to survive its toxic emissions.

2. Preview: Longest Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009—explained via animations and more in our pre-eclipse video—was the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century.

1. Fish With Transparent Head Filmed

For the first time, a live Pacific barreleye fish—complete with transparent head—was caught on video. The deep-sea fish's tubular eyes pivot under a clear dome.



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