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E Ray Lyn
E Ray Lyn


Wonderful cloud formation...

I'll check my myriads of shots to see if perhaps I've been fortunate enough to have a similar ASPERATUS CLOUD photo...

BTW, pray tell what name/model Digital Camera and settings is suggested to get sharp high resolution CLOUD photos? I have been using run of the mill type Digital Cameras such as SONY, Canon, Samsung...and would like to upgrade to more "professional" quality type photos...Your comments will be much appreciated...(

Kind Regards,   ERLY

d d
d d

NEW? ... rare maybe. I saw clouds like that on a cold January day while travelling in Arkansas - long time ago - maybe 1974 or so. They were mesmerizing and I've never run across them again. A good description was like an upside down undulating ocean - but smooth. Not mammatus clouds ( they are too puffy underneath)

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