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Clyde Sites
Clyde Sites

Where are the bones? Don't show me drawings which are biased by the artists imagination.  You need to show unbiased bones.  This is not very convincing.   You can't prove anything with fossils just leaps of logic. 

Sharon W
Sharon W

What a one-sided article. Darwin's theory is still fundamentally flawed due to the lack of existence of undisputed transitional fossils.

One needs to engage in research which reflects the truth and not merely to buttress a failing theory.

The 'missing link's for myriad of reasons certainly do not dispel the 'most obvious and gravest objection' to evolution. The 'missing link's actually aid in further proving the fallacy that is evolution.

Have a look at '15 questions for evolutionists by Creation Ministries as well as a wealth of information which provides a more accurate view

Peter Brown
Peter Brown

In 1955, A. S. Brink argued in the journal Palaeontologia Africana that that Thrinaxodon had whiskers. In 1961, Richard Estes refuted his argument, to the complete satisfaction of the scientific community, in a paper in the Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. No scientist since has argued for Thrinaxodon whiskers or fur. In the popular media, however, the idea refused to go away. National Geographic should not be perpetuating this long-abandoned view.

Ian Stimson
Ian Stimson

@Sharon W genetics more than conclusively proves evolution, however even if genetics didn't there are literally hundreds of thousands of fossils of transitional species now, to the point that listing them all is absurd. this very article gave you 5 which are not disputed by any evolutionary biologist or palaeontologist

Clyde Sites
Clyde Sites

@Ian Stimson @Sharon W Genetics proves macro evolution is mathematically impossible.  You need complex DNA code to be created to create all the complex proteins as just a starter.  The smallest life form has 250 proteins.  Lets say they are all very small protein examples of 150 amino accid chains. You have up to 20 different aminos for each of the 150..  The odds of getting even the precise amino accids and precise proteins to have functioning life is way beyond astronomical odds.  Just getting a single protein right is beyond imagination then do that 250 times over just for the most simple life form..   the odds on the first proteing is 1in 20amino acids x 20 x 20 x 20 x20 x... 150 times.. the odds on one protein are more than anyone can grasp..  Evolution is dead

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