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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

  • Photo of elephants slaughtered in Cameroon.

    Shocking Decline in African Elephants

    Central Africa Has Lost 64 Percent of Its Elephants in A Decade

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  • A photo of a whooping crane in Texas.

    Why Extinction Matters

    We seem indifferent to the mass extinction we're causing, yet we lose a part of ourselves when another animal dies out.


  • Photo of the Carina-Sagittarius spiral arm in the Milky Way galaxy.

    Dramatic New Photo of Star Factories

    Astronomers at the La Silla Observatory in Chile have captured a stunning new photo of the Carina-Sagittarius spiral arm, a booming star nursery in the Milky Way galaxy.


  • A photo of three Magellanic Penguins who were conceived by artificial insemination.

    Saving Endangered Species

    Artificial insemination is one way researchers are trying to help manage endangered species in captivity and in the wild.


  • Photo of a boa constrictor on a tree branch.

    How Snakes Climb Trees

    A new study investigates how snakes use their grip to climbing trees.


  • Photo of a family looking at a cheetah at the zoo.

    Jerusalem Zoo Transcends Conflict

    Surrounded by war, Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo is an island of sanity in a complicated reality.


  • Photo of a coal train in Arkansas near the White Bluff power plant.

    Arkansas's Tough Carbon Target

    Under a proposed EPA rule, state officials will have to cut carbon emissions by nearly 45 percent—one of the highest targets in the country.

  • Panoramic photo of Lake Mead in Nevada.

    Water's Hidden Crisis

    As drought ravages surface water supplies, we're pumping groundwater to save us. And it will—for a while.


  • A photo of a giant South American river turtle.

    "Talking" Turtles

    New research finds that female giant South American river turtles "talk" to their hatchlings.


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