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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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    'Killer Sperm' Found

    Prevents Worms From Cross-Breeding

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  • This is an artist's impression of the misaligned protoplanetary disks around the binary stars in HK Tau.

    Unraveling Secrets of Tipsy Solar Systems

    Astronomers have spotted two solar systems forming on a slant, thanks to the influence of each other's stars.


  • Maze at the National Building Museum.

    The Science of Amazing Mazes

    We encounter mazes every day when we navigate roads. But they are also a powerful tool for neuroscientists trying to figure out the brain.


  • A firefighter extinguishes a home destroyed in the Old Fire in Cedar Glen near the resort of Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles, 29 October 2003.

    Fires Happen, but Fireproofing Works

    In wildfire season, a few adjustments can be the difference between a saved and a destroyed home.


  • andromeda-blog-promo.jpg

    Andromeda Heavier Than Milky Way

    The weight difference is likely because the Andromeda galaxy has more dark matter than the Milky Way.


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    "Killer Sperm" Found

    In the first identified case of deadly sperm, female worms that mate with males of another species can become sterile or even die, a new study says.


  • Residents of Bawa and other nearby villages listen to the regional prefect speak about Ebola in their district.

    Containing Ebola's Wrath

    The deadly virus devastating West Africa likely will make it across the Atlantic, but the U.S. is better able to deal with it.


  • Kaziranga National Park, camera trap

    Tiger Day in Pictures

    Pictures to commemorate International Tiger Day showcase Asia's most iconic cat—which is perilously at risk of extinction in the wild.


  • 2545147703_dd0faa5c30_b-990x662.jpg

    The Chatty Hippocampus

    A new study underlines the importance of this skinny brain tissue when it comes to making memories.


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