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Friday, April 18, 2014

  • Photo of a chimp in a tree.

    How Chimps Make Their Beds

    Primates Choose Most Durable and Weavable Wood

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  • A photo of Pompeii ruins with Mount Vesuvius in the background.

    Saving Pompeii

    The ancient town destroyed by Vesuvius is undergoing renewed rescue efforts.


  • A photo of a cherry blossom tree in Japan, against the night sky.

    Best Space Pictures

    A galaxy warps, auroras light up the night, and the moon turns blood red in this look back at the week in space.


  • A photo of a carnivorous sponge.

    New Killer Sponges Found

    The carnivorous invertebrates, discovered deep in the waters off California, use tiny hooks on their bodies to capture prey, a new study says.


  • Photo of a rhino shot by poachers.

    Drug Traffickers Turn to Rhino Horns

    U.S. undercover investigation nets an alleged rhino horn trafficker with ties to former Medellín drug cartel.


  • Photo of Neotrogla copulating.

    First Female Penis Found

    Four new species of cave insects in Brazil have sex-reversed genitalia, a "completely astonishing" discovery, scientists say.


  • An artist's illustration of the new planet, Kepler-186f.

    Earth 2.0? Promising Planet Detected

    It's just a bit bigger than Earth. It orbits a red dwarf star at the right distance. But does it have water?


  • gobi-bears-mongolia-rarest-charge--s428x600.jpg

    Can World's Rarest Bear Be Saved?

    Fewer than three dozen of the desert-dwelling Gobi bears survive in one of the harshest places on Earth.


  • A photo of trees falling over due to permafrost melting.

    Drunken Trees

    As the permafrost melts in the north, forests no longer grow straight.


How to Feed Our Growing Planet

  • Feed the World

    Feed the World

    National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series.

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The Innovators Project

  • Teen Wonder: Taylor Wilson

    Teen Wonder: Taylor Wilson

    After achieving nuclear fusion at age 14, Taylor, now 19, is working with subatomic particles for solutions to nuclear terrorism and cancer.

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  • How a T. Rex Packs for a Road Trip

    How a T. Rex Packs for a Road Trip

    The nation's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex specimen is taking a 2,000-mile road trip from Montana to its new home in Washington, D.C.

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