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This Week @NatGeo Photo Gallery

Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Fierce Fireworks and Joyful Monks

We selected our favorite pictures from the past week on @natgeo Instagram. See more of our photographers' photos on Instagram.

Go nose-to-nose with a great white shark, travel to the republic of Georgia to share a meal with friends, or enjoy a performance with monks in Bhutan—all in this week's photos from @natgeo Instagram.

Each week our photo editors select their favorite photos that were posted on the @natgeo Instagram account. Follow this week's photographers: @randyolson, @brianskerry, @dguttenfelder, @pedromcbride, @robertclarkphoto, @markosian, @joelsartore, @brianlehmannphotography, @timlaman, and @paulnicklen.

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