Illustration by Tomer Hanuka

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This National Geographic magazine cover, showing a portrait of teenage girl who fell to her death in a Yucatan cave 13,000 years ago, was among those honored with a National Magazine Award for best photography.

Illustration by Tomer Hanuka

National Geographic Wins National Magazine Awards

Magazine wins "Ellies" for best photography and best tablet edition.

National Geographic magazine won National Magazine Awards for best photography and best tablet edition on Monday.

The photography award honored issues of the magazine from 2014 that featured stories on indigenous defenders of the Amazon, zombie parasites, and the joy of food. The tablet award went to editions of the magazine that featured stories on new brain science and the challenge of feeding a growing world, among other subjects.

"The power of visual journalism surpasses the power of language and even literacy," said Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic, after winning the awards. "Our photographs capture readers' hearts, raise awareness of urgent issues, and take them on magical journeys."

"We are delighted that a magazine founded in 1888 is excelling on all platforms," Goldberg said. "Our goal is to give readers and viewers a National Geographic experience in moments, not months. We greatly appreciate this recognition."

Sarah Leen, National Geographic's director of photography, said the photography award "is for our photographers and our incredible staff, whose talent and dedication to visual journalism make the magazine what it is."

The annual National Magazine Awards are considered the premier awards for magazine journalism and are administered by the American Society of Magazine Editors in association with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Winners were announced in New York on Monday evening.

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The November 2014 tablet edition of National Geographic magazine featured zombie parasites.

The New Yorker won the award for general excellence in the general interest category, and Vogue won the award for magazine of the year.

This year saw 1,548 entries from 263 publications in 24 categories. Sixty-six of those publications received nominations. The 340 judges represented a broad swath of the magazine industry.

The National Magazine Awards were launched in 1966, with Look magazine receiving the first honor. Awards for digital journalism were introduced in 1997.

Over the years National Geographic has won 25 National Magazine Awards. Last year, the magazine was honored for best tablet edition and best multimedia feature.

The awards are also called "Ellies," after the Alexander Calder-designed "Elephant" statue that's presented to each winner.

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