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For Big Cat Week, Our 6 Favorite Cat Videos

Follow a Siberian tiger on the prowl, witness a sprinting cheetah, and more.

While many of us share our homes with felines of the domestic variety, few of us get a glimpse into the lives of their wild cousins.

So in honor of Big Cat Week, which runs through December 5, we combed through National Geographic's many clips of leopards, cheetahs, lions, and other predators for our favorite footage. (Learn more about National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative.)

Come along as a Siberian tiger hunts for food in the snowy wilderness, a jaguar attacks a crocodile in Brazil, and a cheetah reaches maximum speed. We can't neglect our house cats, though—we've also included a video of what our furry friends do when they're roaming outside.

"When I was searching through our video library for Big Cat Week, I was really looking for those videos that make you feel closest to the cats—those that gave the most intimate feeling," said Shannon Sanders, a video producer for National Geographic.

"The videos we're featuring give a beautiful, up-close look at these cats, and give us a sense of how they fit into their environments."

Enjoy these vignettes of cats at their most compelling.

Cheetahs—The Science of Speed

Understanding the Lives of Lions

Siberian Tigers

Cheetah Hunts Gazelles

Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind

Jaguar Attacks Caiman

Tune in to Nat Geo WILD's Big Cat Week through December 5. Big Cat Week is part of the Big Cats Initiative, a long-term commitment by the National Geographic Society to save big cats around the world. Meet National Geographic's big cat experts in a Google+ Hangout on December 3 at 1 p.m. ET and share your thoughts at #BigCats.

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