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Officials worked through the night to clear abandoned vehicles from Interstate 65 in Hoover, Alabama.



Editor's Pick: Best Photos From the Southern Snowfall

Our photo editors picked their favorite shots of the rare southern snowfall.

Hold on to your hats! A rare snow blanketed many states in the Deep South on Tuesday.

Residents from Houston to Washington, D.C., have been impacted by the storm, with some states still shoveling away around three inches of snowfall.

The snow has caused significant traffic delays, canceled classes, closed offices, and disrupted flights.

Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina even issued states of emergency.

While disruptive, the January snow settled beautifully on the picturesque American countryside. Here are a few of the best photos selected by our photo editors.

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Gavin Chambers, a student at Oak Mountain Intermediate School, played a video game on the floor of his classroom in Indian Springs, Alabama.

These students didn't stay after to study, but they did bond. About 80 children and 20 adults spent the night at the school.

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This aerial photo of abandoned cars may look like a scene from The Walking Dead, but this photo isn't staged. It was taken on Interstate 75 outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Some cars were still tied up in gridlock on Wednesday.

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Kienan Dietrich slept in the aisle of a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia. At least he had access to plenty of food and water.

Snow caused backups on many roads, stranding residents on the highway, in schools, and even in local stores.

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Sean Cantrell and his wife Megan Cantrell went for a walk in Virginia Beach. Their dog, Griffin, seemed to enjoy the snow more than they did.

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Walter Morgan, Sr.; Barrett Pickett; and Danny McKenzie shoveled sand onto the Interstate 55 bridge in McComb, Mississippi.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is still working hard to get people back on the roads.

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Residents in the historic Oakwood neighborhood chose to walk to the store in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Many schools and day-care centers were closed on Wednesday due to the snow.

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The Chattooga River in northeast Georgia is a far cry from the snowy mayhem in Atlanta, just 90 minutes away.

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This photo of a University of Alabama student was submitted to the National Geographic Your Shot community.

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