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7 Ice-Trapped Ships of the Past Give Solace to Rescued Antarctica Expedition Team

The Akademik Shokalskiy is part of a long line of ships that have gotten trapped by sea ice.

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HMS Resolute, a Royal Navy arctic discovery vessel, was sailed back to Portsmouth from the Arctic by the US Navy, under the command of Commander Hartstein, after the ship had been stuck in ice for over a year.

After being stranded aboard a Russian research ship for 10 days, a 52-person Antarctic expedition team was rescued in batches by helicopter on Thursday and is now headed back home.

The Akademik Shokalskiy is part of a long line of ships that have gotten trapped in ice in the Arctic and Antarctic polar oceans. (See also: "Ship Stuck in Antarctica Raises Questions About Worth of Reenacting Expeditions.")

While the passengers on theAkademik Shokalskiy appear to be safe and healthy—they've been tweeting and making Vine videos—the crews of previous expeditions caught in similar situations have not always been so lucky.

Here are seven other ill-fated nautical excursions that had unfortunate, and sometimes disastrous, run-ins with sea ice.