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Some people saw this date on the calendar—and were convinced it was going to be a bad day.


It's Friday the 13th: Here's Why We Fear the Dreaded Day

The most feared day/date combination is here—but it's a quiet one.

It's Friday the 13th. But did you notice?

In the bustle of the holidays, many people aren't noticing that today is that most feared date on the calendar. (See "Why Does Friday the 13th Scare Us So Much?")

The date, which occurs when the first day of the month lands on a Sunday, has long provoked negative feelings ranging from distaste to outright fear for those afraid of the number 13.

Blame the Friday the 13th horror franchise, the Bible's Judas (the 13th guest at the Last Supper), or just having a particularly bad day previously on the date.

Friday the 13th, though, is just another date for most people, and would have been for all of us if we weren't taught to fear it, according to Stuart Vyse, a professor of psychology at Connecticut College in New London and author of Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition.

"If nobody bothered to teach us about these negative taboo superstitions like Friday the 13th, we might in fact all be better off," he said in a previous interview with National Geographic.

Perhaps the good tidings of a holiday season makes for a less feared Friday the 13th. And for one lucky soul, this Friday the 13th might be the luckiest day.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, though: The next time you have to deal with this unlucky day is six months hence, on June 13, 2014.

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