Photograph by Sergio Moraes, Reuters

Photograph by Sergio Moraes, Reuters

Picture We Love: Making Pope Francis Masks

A worker puts the finishing touches on a costume mask of the Argentine pope.

A worker finishes up a Pope Francis costume mask at a factory assembly line in São Gonçalo, Brazil, on April 16.

Pope Francis of Argentina—the first Latin American pope—confirmed that he will go to Rio de Janeiro at the end of July to take part in the Catholic Church's World Day of Youth, a gathering of Catholic young people that takes place in a different city every two years, according to Reuters.

Why We Love It

"This image is very graphic—it's all about the repeating pattern of the masks and the larger shapes within the composition, like the concentric circles on the table and black rectangular light, as well as the smaller yellow shapes beneath it. What makes this picture unique, however, is the creepiness of the artificial faces looking upward, some staring directly into the viewer's eyes."—Ben Fitch, associate photo editor