Flash Flood Traps Motorists on Roofs

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September 9, 2009—Dramatic video shows people trapped on bus and van rooftops as a raging flash flood inundates a busy Istanbul, Turkey, roadway. More than 28 are reported dead in related flooding.

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Unedited Transcript

Dramatic video Wednesday shows the chaos created when a stream overflows and inundates a busy Istanbul highway.

People in cars, trucks and buses were trapped by the raging and rising waters caused by a torrential downpour not seen in Istanbul in 80 years.

The road links the city to an industrial area and to Istanbul's main airport, and continues to Greece.

News agency footage showed a man stranded atop a bus, as it flowed into another bus, and he jumps to the more stable rooftop. Another man atop a van gets help from others, as they throw him a line, and he plunges into the water and swims toward four men who help him out of the deepest part of the flood.

Others, trapped in a van, had to climb out to a bus rooftop behind them one man clings as waters continue to rise.

Hes helped to safety.

Helicopters were used to rescue others from rooftops.

Istanbuls governor says at least 20 died in Wednesdays flooding. More than 20 others were injured.

At least another 8 died in flooding a day earlier on Tuesday, including two in an Istanbul suburb. Waters rose more than 3 feet high in the citys Ikitelli district, where firefighters recovered four bodies at a truck parking lot.

Seven other bodies were recovered outside a textiles factory.

The heavy rains caused two Istanbul streams to overflow, also inundating dozens of homes and workplaces.

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