Animal Mothers and Babies: Videos, Wallpaper Photos, and More

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Photo in the News: Rare Baby Spiders Ride Mom's Back
It's a first: Hawaii's endangered Kauai cave wolf spider has never been caught carrying its young (drumroll, please) until now.

Desktop Wallpaper Photos

Bengal Tigress With Cubs

Montana Mare and Colt

Lion and Cub

Prairie Dog and Pup

African Elephant Cow and Baby

Mother and Baby Gelada

Polar Bear Mom and Cub

Mother and Baby Baboon

Animal Mothers in the News

Dolphin Moms Teach Daughters to Use Tools
Scientists say bottlenose dolphins in Australia that wear sponges on their beaks provide evidence for culture that's passed from mother to daughter.

In a Family Affair, Mother and Daughter Bats Share Mates
Female greater horseshoe bats may choose one mate for life, and even share him with their daughters and granddaughters, creating a tight social structure.

For Kids: Do Animals Love Each Other?
Read stories about a mother elephant and a mother dolphin, and decide for yourself: Is the attention they show their babies really love, or is it maternal instinct?

Murderous Meerkat Moms Contradict Caring Image, Study Finds
New research reveals that meerkats' seemingly cooperative social order is riddled with violence, as females kill each other's pups to secure the most resources for their own young.

Flesh-Eating Baby "Worm" Feasts on Mom's Skin
A wormlike amphibian in Africa feasts on the flesh of its own mother once it's born, researchers have found—the first time this gruesome practice has been seen in animals.

Baboon Study: Sociable Moms Have Healthier Young
Female baboons that enjoy the close company of others raise more successful offspring than baboons who lead a more solitary life, according to results from an ongoing research project in Kenya.

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