Animal Mothers and Babies: Videos, Wallpaper Photos, and More

May 11, 2006

Mother's Day is coming—and what better way to celebrate than by sharing with Mom the many ways in which the maternal spirit runs wild?


Gemsbok Mom Fights Off Cheetahs
It's Mom to the rescue for this young antelope of the African plains—and a lucky break for the pair of adolescent cheetah attackers.

Mother Walrus Cuddles Her Calf
Humans might call it "tender loving care." Watch a female walrus shower her newborn calf with what look like the animal equivalent to kisses and hugs.

Alligator Babies Use Mom's Jaws as Cradle
See how a mother alligator protects her newborn hatchlings in her otherwise deadly jaws, and learn what dangers the babies face in the wild.

Baby Duck "Parajumpers" Take the Plunge
Think your mom is demanding? See a nestful of newly hatched wood ducks being told to take a 15-foot (4.5-meter) jump to join their mother in the lake below.

How Baby Dolphins Learn the Secrets of Survival
Discover how mother dolphins pass along the secrets of survival to their young, and watch calves as they test their skills at work and at play.

Polar Bear Cubs' First Lessons
For these baby polar bears, the lessons they learn will be key to their survival. Watch as a mother polar bear teaches her young the secrets of hunting, fighting, and even playing.

Squid "Parenting" Seen for 1st Time
When it comes to eggs, squid have long been thought to have a lay-'em-and-leave-'em policy. But new footage shows a squid tending her young.

Galleries and News Photos

Photo Gallery: Animal Mothers and Babies
See pictures of animal mothers and their young around the world, from African cheetahs to wolves in the U.S. West.

Photo Gallery: Growing Up Cheetah
These photos from National Geographic magazine get you up close with cheetah mothers in Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve.

Photo in the News: Baby Whales, Moms Stay Awake for Weeks
Newborn whales and their mothers don't sleep for the first full month after birth and never get groggy, a new study reveals.

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