Tsunami in Southeast Asia: Full Coverage

Updated January 18, 2005

The great tsunami of 2004 was one of the worst disasters in history. Read our latest news stories and learn how tsunamis are generated, where they can strike, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Tsunami Blogs Help Redefine News, and Relief Effort
The tsunami of one month ago has been widely reported by eyewitnesses who published their own stories and images online. But not all the stories—or images—are true.
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Did Island Tribes Use Ancient Lore to Evade Tsunami?
Isolated tribes on islands off India were feared extinct after the December 26 tsunami—until they shot arrows at air force helicopters. Now an expert tells who the tribes are, and how they may have survived.
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Satellite Global Disaster Alert System Planned
More than 50 nations plan to link their networks of satellites and other Earth observation sensors to create an early warning system for natural disasters.
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Education Is Key to Tsunami Safety, Experts Say
In the wake of December's deadly tsunami governments are scrambling to set up early warning systems worldwide. But experts caution that technology alone may not be enough to avert another disaster.
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California Tsunami Victims Recall 1964's Killer Waves
Crescent City, California, takes tsunami warnings seriously. Reminders of a 1964 tragedy are abundant in the only town in the continental U.S. where people have been killed by a tsunami.
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Photo Gallery: Tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Many eyewitnesses have compared the post-tsunami scene in Banda Aceh to that of Hiroshima, Japan, after it was hit by an atomic bomb during World War II.
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Schoolgirl's Geography Lesson Saves Tsunami Family
For British schoolgirl Tilly Smith it proved an invaluable lesson. What she learned from geography teacher Mr. Kearney helped save both herself and her family during the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster.
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Tsunami Clouds Future of Marine Animals
The destructive force of the recent tsunami is evident along coastlines throughout the Indian Ocean. But what was the impact on life beneath the waves?
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Tsunami Redraws Indian Ocean Maps
December's tsunami clogged shipping lanes, rearranged coasts, and created new islands. Now geographers are helping redraw the region so relief can reach ports in need.
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Tsunami Eyewitness Account by Nat Geo Photographer
Two weeks after the tsunami swamped the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh, thousands of bodies still cover the area. Looters are picking through the debris, and survivors wait for medical help, photographer Chris Rainier reports.
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Did Animals Sense Tsunami Was Coming?
While some 150,000 people were killed by last month's tsunami, few animals seem to have been caught off guard. Do animals have a sixth sense about such danger?
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