Sharks, Bigfoot Lead Our Top News Stories of 2003

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5. First Picture of Earth From Mars
David Braun
May 22, 2003

Four centuries after the first telescopes were turned towards Mars, the first snapshot has been taken of Earth from the red planet. The camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor shot an image of our planet a few weeks ago, producing a picture of "a tiny alien world in the vast darkness of space," according to the scientists who processed it. Go >>

4. Elusive African Apes: Giant Chimps or New Species?
John Roach
April 14, 2003

A mysterious group of apes in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo has scientists and conservationist scratching their heads. The apes nest on the ground like gorillas but have a diet and features characteristic of chimpanzees. Go >>

3. Full Moon Effect on Behavior Minimal, Studies Say
John Roach
October 8, 2003

Beware: The moon is full. People will party. Dogs will bite. Robbers will steal. Murderers will kill. Will the full moon cause such erratic behavior? Research indicates that for each study supporting this belief, one exists to refute it. Go >>

2. Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real
Stefan Lovgren
October 23, 2003

It's been the subject of campfire stories for decades. A camera-elusive, grooming-challenged, bipedal ape-man that roams the mountain regions of North America. Some call it Sasquatch. Others know it as Bigfoot. Thousands claim to have to have seen the hairy hominid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy. Go >>

2003 Top Story: Photographing Africa's "Flying Sharks"
Ryan Mitchell and David Braun
November 24, 2003

Husband-and-wife team Monique and Chris Fallows make a living by photographing a dramatic spectacle of nature: giant sharks hurtling through the air as they rocket with great velocity from murky depths to catch seals near the surface. This interview includes two photo galleries of the "flying sharks" of South Africa. Full story and photo gallery: Go >>

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