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April 22, 2003

A conservationist sets out to survey 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) of African jungle the old-fashioned way—on foot—in the first of a three-part series of articles.
Highlight: Dispatches from Conservationist Mike Fay Go>>

Riding a wave of new technology, scientists are discovering more of the oceans' secrets, including the integral role the seas play in shaping our climate.
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Great Barrier Reef
Largest structure on the planet built by living organisms, Australia's coral rampart hosts a carnival of sea life.
Highlight: Sights & Sounds, Interview with photographer David Doubilet, Forum, Final Edit Go>>

New Jersey Meadowlands
Home to rivers of grass and rabid sports fans, a one-time trash heap shines in Manhattan's shadow.
Highlight: Forum, Poll, Additional Photos, Field Notes, Bibliography Go>>

Columbia River
Columbia River salmon are in decline despite heroic measures to sustain them, and Pacific Northwesterners search their souls: Should some dams be dismantled to save the fish?
Highlight: Audio of Photographer Jim Richardson, Forum, Postcards, Virtual World, Final Edit Go>>

Victims of pollution, disease, and habitat loss, amphibians are vanishing all over the globe.
Highlight: Interview with Photographer George Grall, Forum, Final Edit, George Grall reveals techniques on how he took 2 of the astounding photographs. Go>>

Asia's Last Lions
Extinction stalks the Asiatic lion, a regal subspecies now crowded into a single sanctuary in India's Gir Forest.
Highlight: Sights & Sounds, Interview with Photographer Mattias Klum, Video of Lions, Forum. Go>>

Urban Sprawl
Most people agree that unchecked development is a bad deal for commuters, for taxpayers, for the environment. But few can agree on how to achieve smart growth.
Highlight: Forum and Special on Smart Growth. Go>>

Public Lands
With a quarter billion acres (100 million hectares) of fragile western rangeland to ride herd on and a stampede of off-road enthusiasts the U.S. Bureau of Land Management struggles to live up to its name.
Highlight: Interview with Photographer Melissa Farlow, Final Edit, Forum, Wallpaper Go>>

Oil Field or Sanctuary (ANWR)
Rich in caribou and in oil, Alaska's coastal plain is a hot topic in the nation's energy debate.
Highlight: Video of Secretary of State Gail Norton, Poll, Forum Go>>

Megatransect III
Blackwater swamps give way to hippos in the surf as ecologist J. Michael Fay reaches Gabon's Atlantic coast, concluding his 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) survey of central Africa's forest treasures.
Highlight: Sights & Sounds, Video of Michael Fay, Audio of Interview, Forum Go>>

Peace Parks
In southern Africa transfrontier reserves hold the promise of restoring ecosystems, bolstering tourism, and creating trust among nations of a war-torn continent.
Highlight: Sights & Sounds, Video of Photographer Chris Johns, Forum, Wallpaper, Final Edit Go>>

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