Aliens "Absolutely" Exist, SETI Astronomer Believes

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Seth Shostak: I would personally be very nervous.

Tom Foreman: Why?

Seth Shostak: Well, certainly, the experience on Earth has been that when explorers come to visit you, that's usually bad news. You know, I'm thinking of the Native Americans, when the Spaniards landed on the coast. People often say, "Oh, they're gonna come here and help us solve our environmental problems." Well, I'm not solving the environmental problems of the ants in my backyard, although I know the ants are there. I don't expect them to come here, however.

Tom Foreman: Are you then utterly dismissive of the idea of people who say that they've been here?

Seth Shostak: I'm not dismissive of it, but I challenge them to come up with better evidence.

Tom Foreman: What's it like when you're in there (at a radio telescope) and something comes through?

Seth Shostak: When you do get a signal that looks like it might be the real thing, I still feel the heart rate go up and I usually get out of the chair and watch the screens with great intensity

Tom Foreman: And you think you're going to hear something?

Seth Shostak: I think it may take a few decades yet, but it's not a question of waiting centuries. I really think it's within sight.

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