Inside Base Camp's Tom Foreman on Work, Guests

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For example?

Dr. Ruth Westheimer. We asked her to talk to us about sexual relations in cultures all over the globe and whether there are really any differences to be found. She ended up telling me about her time in the Israeli Army and how she was trained to be an excellent sniper. She claims she can still put five bullets into a circle the size of a quarter. That's a surprise.

Is there any subject you won't discuss?

We generally stay away from hard-core politics and economics, but everything else is fair game: religion, revenge, gender roles, you name it. And it can get pretty hot. We've had discussions about animal rights that threatened to turn into fistfights. But that's understandable. It's a very sensitive topic, with one side insisting animals are routinely brutalized by our culture and the other equally convinced that animals are treated as well as can be.

The bottom line for our show is that we have the debate and all sides get a fair hearing. I believe all these differing opinions on all these different topics, are what shapes our world culture and if we are to understand the world in which we live, we have to try to understand them. For that matter, we may need that understanding even as we grapple with the great frontier beyond our world…space.

One of our most entertaining visitors is Seth Shostak. He's dedicated his career to searching for extraterrestrial life and he is convinced one day we will find intelligent beings somewhere out in the stars.

Do you believe that?

I don't know. But I'm keeping a chair ready.

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