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"In this photograph of President Reagan and me, I am asking him to tell me one of his favorite stories, an encounter between his mother-in-law and Mike Wallace. I was hoping for his characteristic look of humor and charm for my photograph to accompany Time's story for that week, 'Why Is This Man So Popular?' He relaxed, sat back, and was his most engaging self. I remember at the end of the sitting I told the President what fun I had had traveling with his wife during the first administration. Suddenly his face lit up and he began to speak glowingly about the First Lady. It was at that moment that I was able to capture exactly the expression I was after."—Diana Walker

Diana Walker and photo assistant George Hiotis with President Reagan, under the portico off the Oval Office, July 1986

Photograph by Diana Walker

From Public & Private: Twenty Years Photographing the Presidency
(National Geographic Books, October 2002)

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