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"This was at the dedication of the Reagan Library, with Jimmy Carter and George and Nixon. When we get together, we don't spend time talking about issues. It's sort of a warm, friendly gathering. As you know, there are people who think we ought to have a formal organization of former Presidents. I'm vigorously opposed to that. Any one of these people can call the sitting President and talk to him or go see him. You don't have to have an organization. That would be another bureaucracy, and the Lord knows we don't need another bureaucracy in Washington. So these informal meetings are very enjoyable, constructive in a non-official way, and the net result is for whatever reason we get together, it's interesting."—Gerald Ford

Opening of the Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California, November 4, 1991

Photograph by Diana Walker

From Public & Private: Twenty Years Photographing the Presidency
(National Geographic Books, October 2002)

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