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Desi: "Nature Motion"

Desi was born in the wild in 1986. She first arrived at Way Kambas National Park in South Sumatra on November 8, 1992. Her parents were wild elephants whose names and whereabouts are presently unknown. On December 24, 1997 she traveled together with her mahout (lifetime caretaker) to a refuge in Bali known as the Elephant Safari Park. Desi began her painting career in 2001.

Weaving colors with her able trunk, Desi evokes a scene of contemplative depth and perception in "Nature Motion," according to the Novica Web site. "The liberated movements suggest the freedom of nature, abstractly reflecting the forests and rice fields surrounding this Asian elephant. Acrylics majestically explore the blank invitation of Cotman paper, as minimalist details lend striking Balinese sentiment."

Photographs and caption information courtesy of Novica.

By making the Asian elephants' paintings widely accessible to the general public, Novica hopes to help increase awareness, encourage conservation, and raise significant funds to assist endangered elephants throughout Asia. Novica is a company associated with the National Geographic Society. Visit the Novica Web site for more details: Go >>

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